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moments of joy in the psych ward

taking walks around the lawn

making up rap songs in music therapy

playing touch football before a few of the kids ran away

& we were banned from going outside

going on outings –

mini golfing, having frozen yogurt,

bowling, watching a baseball game

& visiting circle center mall in indy,

getting a huge sandwich at the mall,

visiting the local college

(because we were supposed to have futures

even if we couldn’t imagine them)

talking about the girls we crushed on

& realizing that the one good thing

about being at the psych ward

was that you could be yourself for a change

talking about the staff we liked & the staff we hated.

art therapy & funny conversations at the dinner table

the teacher reading us perks of being a wallflower

listening to music on the computer

& realizing that there could be good things in life too

AUGUSTUS BOWERS is a poet & writer from bloomington, indiana. they are an mfa candidate at butler university and the founder of brave voices magazine.

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