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Differential Diagnosis (IV.)

                                                 to name          


                                                 to have been good &  



                                                       into clouded







                                                    send okay

                                 send     me       to that great sad         

                                  struggling world          of          things

                                       yes yes                               oh ah yes!      

                               my body                              brims                    

                                with worries                they wing w  

                                            mothpow     er    


                                                  leak w



                                        fly like desire2


                        this crystalline pill                 

                     glows long                beneath my


    after Hannah Emerson

Differential Diagnosis XIV.


A pigeon is the story

of a bad dove. I dive


down center with the thinnest

gauge and leave a mark.


The drvoice bowels “hey, you there!

No theory will protect you here.


Redemarcate the boundaries

of your knowing.” Oh, I know


I am a wretch

to his glamour. 


Could he make a person

of me yet. Yes, drvoice, I hear


you loud and clear. I know

the difference between odd


and awed.




[sarah] CAVAR is an anti-genre writer, PhD candidate, and instructor of undergraduates on both u.s. coasts. Their debut novel, Failure to Comply, is forthcoming with featherproof books (2024). Cavar is editor-in-chief of manywor(l), and has had work published in The Offing, Split Lip Magazine, Electric Lit, and elsewhere. More at,, and @cavarsarah on twitter.

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