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As clear as misshapen glass

I want to become a clear, transparent,

Glass figure.

A girl with wires, holding her up, & perhaps down.


And when the sun hits, she is sunlight,

She will dance when the wind blows.

Just not in the way you expect.


The wires restrict her, holding her back from the unknown,

From deep sides of twisted ridges,

A tumbling mountain.

That call her, explaining:

They have found a home in the most unlikely of places.

And I,
but a soul

And I, but a soul,

Lost in the old divide.

Crushes of fallen leaves,

The beggar of time.

Late mornings,

Have their own way of calling,

Getting one sewn into healing.

Lines that make up a body,

The dance of the ribcage,

Sustaining life.

The eyes of the fox watch the

crow, flying near the ground.

As the claws burn out, riping earth anew.

Green Paint Stroke_edited.png

Naomi C. Kenny has been active on the poetry scene for many years. She regularly publishes poetry on her Facebook and Twitter page: She has been published by various papers, such as the Tealight Express in their 2021 May Issue, Star Sign issue, and their Symmetry issue. Her work has also been published by the Magpie Review, Poetry in Bloom, in the 6th and 7th issue of Analogies and Allegories literary magazine, in the first issue of TIR, the first issue of Wilder Lit, in the January issue of Rhodora Magazine, and in the latest issue of the Heartland Society of Women Writers. She is currently working on getting a collection of her poems published in the upcoming year.

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