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CW: Descriptions of psychiatric hospitalization


The clatter of shoes on tile.

Broken walls, roaches and

dirty floors.

Where does all the money go?

Thousands a day for a pack of Goldfish.

Screams in the hallway.

Clients, because we pay them to hurt us.

Poster child.

Perfect and shaking, trembling.

No one else understands.

Ten minutes.

Doors slam,

the good ones always leave.

Jealousy and misery and anger.

Zip ties and velcro in place of shoelaces,

horse tranquilizers

and group therapy.

The good ones always leave.

Staff on their feet.

Restraints, creepy janitors,

and trips to the bowling alley.


Mel Jay

MEL JAY is a creative from the Midwest. They have previously published their work on their own website, This is their first time being published in a magazine.

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