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SAM FEIN is a Boston-based artist, educator, and community organizer. Her artwork explores human relations and emotional conditions within social frameworks of power, asking us to reconsider who "deserves" removal from civil society. More about her creative practice can be found at or @SamFeinArt.


In 2022, I was awarded a curatorial fellowship from ApexArt to develop The Corrections, an art exhibition featuring female survivors of the Troubled Teen Industry. These artworks appeared in the exhibit, which was on view May 20-June 30, 2023 at The Foundry in Cambridge, MA.

A View From Inside

content warning: depictions of wilderness therapy

A View from Inside
polyester tent with printed banners, zip ties, and digital projection
77 in. x 57 in. x 40 in.
with contributions from Arlis Mrozcek, Belle Lopes, and Mackenzie Sweet

A View From Inside is a collaborative piece that explores the dissonance between perception and reality in the Troubled Teen Industry (TTI). An erected tent–a reference to wilderness programs–displays a series of banners sourced from TTI advertisements. The banners flaunt picturesque campuses with beaming youth and uplifting messages. The banners are held up by zip ties, a tool commonly used to restrain youth when transporting them to TTI programs. Viewers are invited to zip themselves inside the tent, the space becoming a barrier that replicates confinement. Handwritten messages are scrawled on the inside walls. A slideshow projects photographs of the artists when they were teenagers in the TTI, reminding us of how young adolescents truly are.



Stupid Shit People Say to Survivors

content warning: the troubled teen industry

Stupid Shit People Say to Survivors displays common responses TTI survivors receive when describing their experiences. The piece speaks to a wider culture of victim-blaming and denial that allows systemic oppression to continue unchecked.

2305_the_corrections_66-inflammatory-9 pannels.jpg

License Renewal, Please Advise

ink on paper with plexiglass
8.5 in. x 11 in.


Dr. [redacted],

Because you said you wanted to review the renewals that involved lawsuits, I'm sending you this one in advance of the others that will come later.

Dr. XXX does not mention any lawsuits on his renewal form, however, the enclosed complaint was sent to me by an anonymous person. The complaint alleges that Dr. XXX performs exorcisms!

Please advise. 

License Renewal-72dpi.jpg

Psychiatrist Note, Coquettish 

ink on paper with plexiglass
8.5 in. x 11 in.

The patient also has a history of some histrionic symptoms and is dressed in a low cut gown and was somewhat coquettish during the interview. We will start her on Depakote ER 500 mg at bedtime.

Student Handbook, Hygiene Standards

ink on paper with plexiglass
8.5 in. x 11 in.

Hygiene Standards
1. Hair must be clean and combed; no "Dread locks"

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